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Tyra Fennell 范莉婷


Tyra Fennell currently serves San Francisco Mayor London Breed's administration as the director of commissions and community liaison. Prior to joining Mayor Breed's team, Tyra was the founding director of Imprint City, an organization activating underutilized areas in neighborhoods with arts projects, encouraging increased foot traffic to positively impact local economies. 

Since 2015, Imprint City has attracted over 15,000 event goers, 200 participating neighborhood retail and food merchants, 100 youth employees, 75 community based organization partnerships and 150 performing and visual artists to the District 10 neighborhoods. Additionally,Tyra has vast experience working with City agencies, first as an employee with the San Francisco Arts Commission as well as co-authoring legislation with support from former District 10 Supervisor, Malia Cohen designating the Bayview Hunters Point as San Francisco's African American Arts and Cultural District. She has also worked with the Human Rights Commission to strengthen the Mayor's Opportunities for All summer youth program and currently served as an advisor for the San Francisco Arts Commission and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on public art selections connected to projects along the Southeast sector in San Francisco supporting them with outreach and engagement, ensuring all actions are culturally relevant.

In addition to my work at Imprint City and above mentioned community work, Tyra served on San Francisco Mayor London Breed's COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force, a current board member of the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), a former Film Commissioner and an Emerge California Alum. Finally, Tyra is a proud legacy graduate of Howard University. 

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Tyra serves as an Assembly District 17 (AD17) Delegate for the California State Democratic Party and the co-founder of the San Francisco Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club (San Francisco). She serves on the board of the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), Open Door Legal as well as a Film Commissioner and an Emerge California Alum. Tyra is a proud, legacy graduate of Howard University. Go Bisons!

 In addition to Tyra's work in the arts and political endeavors, she also a regular feature on KRON-4 as a political pundit. 



Tyra Fennell

415 323 3086


Tyra also works to .....

  • Celebrate and promote the cultural diversity of our residents, past and present, and encourage improved public knowledge through honest portrayal of our diverse cultures and histories;

  • Encourage community-based works in the arts and cultural practices that explore the power to create positive images that reflect a peaceful future;

  • Ensure that people of color have equal access to tax-funded cultural arts programs.

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