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I am running to serve as an Assembly Delegate for Assembly District 17 (east side of San Francisco) in the California Democratic Party. Assembly Delegates play an important role in setting the agenda, electing leadership, and voting on endorsements for the California Democratic Party. I am running for one seat alongside a stellar group of 13 other candidates as part of the Rise Together slate. How to Vote in the California Assembly Delegate Election (ADEM 2021) To vote in this election in January, you need to request a ballot from the California Democratic Party by submitting this form.




It will take under a minute to complete! Ballots will be mailed out in the first week of January and must be returned to the Party no later than January 27th but PLEASE mail by the 24th. When you submit the request for a ballot, you’ll be given a code -- please write this code down or save it in your Notes app, as you will need it to fill out and return your ballot in January.


Learn more about the Rise Together SF slate at www.risetogethersf.com

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I currently serve as an Assembly District 17 (AD17) Delegate for the California State Democratic Party and the co-founder of the San Francisco Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club (San Francisco). I also serve on the board of the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), Emerge California and also an Emerge California Alum. I am a proud, legacy graduate of Howard University. Go Bisons!


Check out my regular feature on KRON-4 as a political pundit. 



Tyra Fennell

415 323 3086

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Tyra also works to .....

  • Celebrate and promote the cultural diversity of our residents, past and present, and encourage improved public knowledge through honest portrayal of our diverse cultures and histories;

  • Encourage community-based works in the arts and cultural practices that explore the power to create positive images that reflect a peaceful future;

  • Ensure that people of color have equal access to tax-funded cultural arts programs.