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Working to Deliver the Promise of a Better San Francisco 

​Tyra is a “ground up” candidate who believes in the power of community engagement and seeks to be a direct connection between the needs of everyday San Franciscans and the Democratic Party in order to:


  • Ensure a high quality of life in every San Francisco neighborhood;

  • Affordable housing policies to retain and grown San Francisco’s dwindling middle-class.  

  • Continue to encourage the sustainable growth of small businesses, which serve as the backbone of California's economy;

  • Promote and guarantee low-interest small business loans to provide the seed capital to launch and expand job-creating small businesses and provide for the growth of already successful businesses.


Tyra Fennell is a part of San Francisco's emerging leadership, seeking to change how politics is played in San Francisco and...

  •  Understands how to work with people from all walks of life with a sharp, pragmatic point of view. 

  • Does not play politics but is focused on working with all to develop real solutions to positively impact our City.

  • An independent, grassroots, non-profit founder, creating her own path to get the job done for everyday San Franciscans.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just endorsed my campaign for DCCC

Thank you KRON 4 for inviting me to discuss the Presidential election

Vote the Grassroots


March 3rd


Tyra will also .....

  • Celebrate and promote the cultural diversity of our residents, past and present, and encourage improved public knowledge through honest portrayal of our diverse cultures and histories;

  • Encourage community-based works in the arts and cultural practices that explore the power to create positive images that reflect a peaceful future;

  • Ensure that people of color have equal access to tax-funded cultural arts programs.

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Tyra Fennell

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